Hi, I'm Zech Bard. I am a writer and creative director with 10+ years of experience working with small and large brands. I am currently a Writing Director at Instrument. On the side, I do branding and messaging for non-profits at Sabbatical. Some things I have written:

A path is a way forward. PATH
We are talent intelligence. LinkedIn
Life takes a pro. Thumbtack
Do more with your ideas. Dropbox
The cloud is an instrument. Google Cloud
Stories for the curious. MAEKAN
Find the truth and build it. Instrument
The smallest things you do are not small at all. Remind
#liveclimbrepeat Black Diamond
Enjoy the ride. Levi's
Start here. The Met Museum
The world's most popular OS. Android
End the list. The Mentoring Project
Where the internet lives. Google

Thanks for reading.